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Our Services


Wetland Science, Assessment & Monitoring

Fraxinus specializes in a comprehensive approach to wetland science and management. We work diligently to ensure that our clients receive accurate and reliable information for their projects, so they can make informed decisions.

Our key wetlands services include:

  • Wetland field delineation

  • Functional assessment using the Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol for Atlantic Canada (WESP-AC)

  • Project planning tools, including predictive modeling and site-specific Wet Areas Mapping (WAM)

  • Inventory mapping

  • Community classification mapping

  • Wetland Alteration Permitting

  • Mitigation strategies

  • Monitoring planning and execution

Vegetation Science & Inventory

We provide professional Vegetation Science services, and aim to provide our clients with effective and efficient strategies to protect and manage ecosystems, and make conservation decisions.


Key services include:

  • Plant and lichen inventory

  • Species at risk surveys

  • Community classification

  • Habitat and community mapping


Restoration Science

We provide science-based guidance and planning services to support your ecological restoration initiatives. Key services include:

  • Wetland restoration planning and approvals

  • Wetland compensation plans

  • Vegetation, soil, and seedbank salvage planning

  • Planting plans, and seed-mix specification

Regulatory Services

Allow us to be your trusted partner for navigating the complex landscape of environmental compliance and regulation for your projects. We specialize in Environmental Assessment, permits and approvals, and regulatory road-mapping, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to ensure your projects not only meet regulatory requirements but also achieve environmental stewardship excellence. Our dedicated experts possess an in-depth understanding of environmental regulations throughout the Atlantic Canadian provinces, as well as federally, and brings a wealth of experience in successfully guiding projects through every phase of the regulatory process. With our tailored strategies and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, we help you achieve your project goals while safeguarding the environment and maintaining the highest standards of compliance.



Our Geomatics service specializes in harnessing the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing to address ecological and environmental challenges.


We employ the latest technology and spatial analysis techniques to provide tailored solutions for our clients, using spatial modeling, suitability assessments, statistical analysis, and image classification.

With expertise in LiDAR and imagery analysis, our team is dedicated to delivering precise, data-driven insights that empower sustainable decision-making and environmental conservation.

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